Week 15 – Game Changer


The beginning of the Week 15 webinar almost had me trembling.  I realized that what Davene was saying was true in my heart.  My greatest fear is indeed the power within!  I felt this incredible pull to just stay the same.  Stay in the comfort zone!  It was almost screaming at me.  And at the same time I have this growing desire to become more….more than the comfort zone allows.  I felt as if I was standing at this crossroads where I have to make a crucial choice – Go down the scary, unknown, uncomfortable path or learn to be satisfied with the way things are.  It was actually an easy decision…I simply cannot be satisfied with where things are so I must forge a new path, work harder to embrace the new blueprint, and be more diligent with Master Key exercises.

As I look back, I see that things are developing exactly like Mark & Davene said it would.  An opportunity literally fell into our laps.  And somehow (I think it’s due to my PMA 🙂 ) we are getting results like we never have before!  When I realized this, I was afraid!  I didn’t fully understand why I was afraid, but it became clear when I listened to the Week 15 Webinar.  Very clear.

So despite that realization, I have decided to take the road less traveled which is much less certain, but has much more to offer!  I refuse to embrace Fear and instead will dig my heels in deeper into the Master Key course!  I am learning to embrace my future self and I look forward to more great realizations as I progress!

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5 Responses to Week 15 – Game Changer

  1. Absolutely! This whole course has become very, very clear…. 🙂 Great blog!


  2. richii69 says:

    Awesome job, had the same experience first time through, so many things that resonate, and synchronicities ( I think that is spelt right but spell checker disagreed) that it could not be ignored. Keep up the work you got it.


  3. Paul Zadel says:

    It was Yogi Berra who said, “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.” Seriously, I applaud your courage to follow your new path.


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