Week 19 – Finding Joe, Finding Amy

I think I had an “Aha” moment this week.  While watching Finding Joe, it occurred to me that I do not know what my bliss is!

As I consider some of the things mentioned, I think I have it all wrong.

  • What do I love doing (when the hours feel like minutes)?
  • What made me different (even when I was a kid)?
  • If there was no constraint of time or money, what would I do?

My DMP does not reflect my answers to these questions.  Instead, I have focused on the method, rather than the ideal!  Coming into this class I had no idea what to do with myself, and at one point I thought it became clear.  Now I am more uncertain than before.  As I look at those questions, I find myself able to answer those questions, but because I cannot attach a method to make it profitable I dismiss the idea.  I was listening to Tony Hawk and realizing how bizarre it is to earn a living skateboarding for goodness sakes!  And there was the other guy who left college, and waited 3 months before he had any direction for his future.

It gave me hope.  Hope that I can still find my bliss.  Hope that I’m not too old and it’s not too late.  I must find my authentic self and discover my deepest passion, my greatest gifts…to find the thing I can’t not do.  “Trust the deep impulse within us.”

This movie was deeply unsettling.  I guess that is the point.  I realize that even the things in my DMP are possibly the projection of others’ expectations that I have accepted.  While I am excited to have had this awakening, I feel much less certain about what to do about it.  How does this affect my homework – since so much of it is based on my current DMP?  In some ways I feel so much more confused, and in other ways I feel light and hopeful.  Maybe all this turmoil I have is because I am trying to make myself want something I don’t really want!  OMG!

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7 Responses to Week 19 – Finding Joe, Finding Amy

  1. richii69 says:

    Wow. Awesome aha moment. Sounds like a huge fracture just occurred in your cement. Keep looking for the gold underneath. We had similar realizations that some of our ideas of what we wanted were not truly what we wanted. Amazing how society, or groups of friends, family etc really influence our concept of what we want that we can believe what we should want is what we actually want because someone else has, or wants to have it, or perhaps is just as blind as we are to truly knowing what they truly want as well… Great blog, you nailed it.


  2. dominica8 says:

    looks like you are WELL on track 🙂 keep going, ‘love the mystery’ as ‘someone’ 😉 would say…
    focus on the truth of your heart…. follow that inner compass… there is no age nor time to find and follow your bliss. Believe, persist, and … en Joy the process!


  3. Heather C. says:

    WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! What a freeing revelation. There is still hard mental labor ahead, but can you imagine how free and energized you’ll be when you find your bliss? I haven’t watch either documentary yet, but now I really want to, I’ve been having some similar feelings


  4. Keep it up…it’s all part of the Hero’s Journey. It will come to you as the cement falls off.


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