Press Release

Written by A.J. Smith with NY Times

Today I have the opportunity to speak with a woman who has an interesting story about how she suddenly erupts into the realm of success when she had formerly been unknown and well, simply average.  Her name is Amy Nelson and she has emerged as one of the highest paid female leaders in the MLM industry.  Read the full transcript of our visit below.

AJ: So Amy, prior to this current endeavor, you were completely unknown in both the MLM industry and also in the professional arena. Correct?

AMY: Yes.

AJ: So you didn’t have a career?

AMY: No. I worked, but my primary focus was on my family and being available for my kids.

AJ: Ok, I just want to clarify.  You went from being a low paid administrative assistant at a church to becoming one of the highest paid female earners in MLM, right?  How did that happen?  It doesn’t seem to make much sense. Tell me how you move from being completely unknown and unsuccessful to being one of the highest paid female MLMers?

AMY (laughing): Well, it all began in my mind.  I chose to make rearing my children and managing my home a priority when my boys were born.  But there came a time, when they were both in high school, that I started thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  We had previous experience in the MLM industry, but we hadn’t been able to reach the goals we set and after great disappointment, I swore I was totally done.  I had no intentions of engaging in this industry again. So I began this online course with hopes that it would help me to narrow down a direction to begin a career.  I thought about nursing, personal training, website design and a few other things.  The idea of working for someone else never really appealed to me because I just don’t want someone else telling me what to do and when I can do it.

AJ: What was this online course called?

AMY: The MKMMA Master Keys with Mark J.  Crazy thing – he actually scholarships the course out!   So, I was desperate; I completed all the steps to apply for a fully paid scholarship, and I was in!

AJ: Did this course accomplish what you had hoped?

AMY: Absolutely YES! The course is designed to teach you how to think for yourself.  So I spent a lot of time thinking and in the midst of that thinking, details for what I wanted to make of my future became known.

AJ: What do you mean by “thinking”? Were you going away for weekends to a monestary?

AMY: No, but I did spend at least 15 minutes in silence, without moving at all, performing various thinking exercises daily…that means every day.  It’s one of those things you just commit to doing even when you don’t fully understand the process.  However, one day, the faithfulness to the exercises suddenly pays off!

AJ: So you are telling me that these sitting silently thinking exercises somehow propelled you into the MLM top income earner category?  That just makes no sense.

AMY: (again with a laugh): I know! As I spent more time thinking about my future, my personal desires for my life and the affect I wanted to have on others became increasingly clear.

AJ: Were you involved in MLM at the time of this course?

AMY: No, but after some weeks in the course an opportunity came into my husband’s inbox.  That’s when I knew for sure.  We fully committed to the MLM industry and never looked back.  We were able to connect with people in a way that hadn’t happened in our prior attempts.  People were drawn to us.  And we were able to invest ourselves in them and their dreams.

AJ: Tell me about the 1st time you received a $25,000 bonus check.

AMY: Gosh, that was incredible.  So here we are, my husband and I, serving our team and focusing on helping them to achieve their goals and I get a call from the management team that they have a $25,000 check for us that they want to present to us on stage at the next conference in Atlanta.  Whew, that was cool!  The conference in Atlanta was about 6 weeks away.  It turns out we ended up getting the $25,000 check AND also a $40,000 bonus check at the Atlanta conference.  There was no stopping this train!

AJ: So in 6 weeks, you earned $60,000 in bonuses?

AMY: That’s correct.

AJ: No wonder you love this industry! What has changed in your life since hitting it big in MLM?

AMY: What has changed, hmmmm. Everything!  I have more time to enjoy with my family. I love them! I have more time to serve in ministry at my church.  I work with the high school kids, and I love building relationships with the girls.  It’s such a tumultuous time in their lives; having stable adults to reach out to can really make an impact in their lives.  I also coordinate the Prayer Team at our church, and I have a lot more time to devote there.  Money no longer makes any of our decisions and I love that!  We decide what we want to do and when to do it.  Now that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard!  Because we do!  It just looks different than the kind of work you see in a typical career.

AJ: Any other changes you’ve noticed?

AMY: Oh yes, I am a completely different person and that is probably my favorite part!  I have become confident and strong of mind, and the interesting thing is that I became different before my circumstances became different.  The change happened internally.  Somehow I knew I was going to kill it in MLM this time. I knew!  I was a different person because I knew things I didn’t know before.

AJ: What kind of things?

AMY: The greatest thing I learned is how to control the things I think about…because it is true “what you think about will come about”.  I learned how to have constructive thoughts and reject destructive thoughts.  I realized that we truly do have incredible power within us and I learned how to tune in to that power and make it work for me.

AJ: What is one thing you’d like to communicate with our readers today?

AMY: Well, I would say to stay in touch with your dreams.  Prior to 2016 we were pretty much like most other families out there, doing the hamster wheel each day.  One day blurred into the next, and often I didn’t feel like I was making an impact anywhere.  Everything felt stale and boring.  I would tell your readers not to let the world or culture around you tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.  I sometimes wonder who I would be and what my life would look like if I gave up on that dream to cross the stage as a big earner.  Hoo, I don’t even want to think about it.  The truth is I’ve gained so much more than just money and time.  I’m happy with myself – I love myself!

AJ: Share with me one highlight that you have experienced since this “awakening” in 2016.

AMY: Oh definitely our Loeffler family trip to Mexico in the summer of 2018.  It was our family of 5, my sister and her family, my brother and his family and my parents.  My brother in law and his wife were able to join us as well.  We used our timeshare weeks in Playa del Carmen, and one of my favorite things was to watch our kids, all 9 of them, doing cool things like ziplines and wave runners.  Oh my goodness, when we did the ziplines, it was like we took over the place.  We are a pretty adventurous group, and we all had a blast on the ziplines.  We even got my dad to do it; he’s 71.  My other favorite thing was just sitting by the pool with my sister.  At the time, she lived in FL and I lived in NJ, so being able to just relax with her was awesome.

AJ: You speak to large groups often right?

AMY: Yes, at our company events we usually have thousands, but I do some smaller venues as well.  In those smaller venues I am typically a guest speaker addressing issues related to personal or spiritual growth.

AJ: What else do you do with your time?

AMY: Well having more free time allows us to participate in mission trips with our church.  I’ll never forget my very first one.  We went to Jamaica in February 2018.

AJ: Jamaica in February?  That sounds pretty sweet for a Jersey girl!

AMY: Yes, it was definitely a great time to get out of NJ and go someplace warm!  However, we weren’t there to enjoy the beaches.  We were running a one week VBS program for kids.  We were in a more remote area of Jamaica where you can really see the poverty.  It’s heartbreaking.  The kids are adorable.

AJ: Have you been on any other trips?

AMY: Yes, this is one of those things that I really like being in control of what I can and cannot do.  I get to choose which trips to go on.  Our church sends out a lot of short term teams so we have lots of opportunities.  Our second trip was to Colombia, then we went to Brazil, and after that they all seem to blur together.  I can’t keep track. We have a heart to reach out and help the hurting, and our business gives us the opportunity to invest our time and money into these areas.

AJ: Interesting. It sounds like you have found many positive ways to influence the world around you.  Thanks for sharing your story with us today!

AMY: It was my pleasure! And be sure to remind your readers that we all have that same power within.  It isn’t unique to me! (she says with a wink.)

Amy was surprisingly genuine and a real pleasure to talk with.  She really uses her success to find opportunities to invest into others.  That’s a great quality and one that I’m sure has impacted her following.